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The Positive Self Image

June 23, 2011

A Child’s Image Pics.and Write Up            The stepping stone to peace building  THE POSITIVE SELF IMAGE   The importance attached to a child’s self image in his/her personality development has been asserted over and over again in studies on child education, child psychology and in sciences that study the child in the many branches by child analysts, play therapists, teachers of art, music, nutrition and more.

The starting point of the child’s development of a positive self image is at the point of birth. From that point on he needs company, love, affection and amusement, not only food for his body but food for the mind, to keep him away from frustration, boredom and being mentally depressed. he needs company, a living person to watch and listen to, not put away in a pram or cot with a dangling toy to amuse him. A mother’s or a nurse’s love and care at this stage of the child’s personality development to grow emotionally and intellectually cannot be underestimated.

  The ‘tantrums,’ and ‘naughty,’ behavior in a child’s later years has often been traced to this loneliness, and frustration a child suffered during his early years. It has been argued that customs could determine the character of adults and that many characteristics good and bad thought to be unalterable ‘human nature,’ were merely the results of ‘environment’ and ‘upbringing.’ So we cannot blame ‘human nature,’ or ‘original sin,’ for our shortcomings. if we take care to give the right conditions and environment we can bring up children without serious faults of character. it seems that faults and virtues are rather the result of nurture rather than nature. Given the right conditions one can turn a devil into an angel and reversely a devil into an angel.

 In this respect encouraging a child’s ‘self esteem,’ with a view to fostering a ‘positive self image,’ cannot be under estimated. very often we pose the question to children, “What do you like to be (……..) when you grow up”? ” What do you hope to be in the fuutre?” and you will note the marvelous response from the child. The child could site the name of a popular sports hero, a movie star, a ballerina, a musician, a community helper or often like to imitate the role of his/her parents or relative in the future.

  As Dr. maria Montessori put it within each child is a great potential waiting to be released. In this respect she considered the work of the child to be that of creating the adult she will one day become. 

   The following verse MY IMAGE may be read out by an older child and discussed among a group of children of mixed ages during a ‘Show and Tell,’ time in a classroom schedule, with toys or replicas of what they wish to become when they grow older.  (more…)

Here Comes Mr. Peace!

May 13, 2011

An Activity to promote a child’s Self esteem and Self worth! Peace Activities 1