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JESUS – The Light of The Nations

December 22, 2016
"Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to men of goodwill!"

“Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to men of goodwill!”


Promote Peace                             1. Sometime past in earth’s dark history
The legacy of a fallen race,
When man could see no end in sight
And darkness reigned supreme as night.

2. The time was ripe for God’s great love for man,
To be made manifest,
And man could once again behold the ‘Light’
The spark of His saving grace.

3. It dawned upon a lowly city,
That lay deep in sleep that night;
Bethlehem the chosen city,
Where a Savior was to be born.

4. As each naked tree was dressed in white,
And bare hills in snowflakes clothed,
The Star of David, shone high up that night,
Out shinning Others hung low in the sky.

5. It showed some travelers together in a search,
Of a King that was to come;
So wondrously did it guide them to the place,
To behold the King who was to come.

6. Both East and West and North and South,
Knelt down to worship the Infant King;
As choirs of Angels proclaimed to the shepherds,
And they hurried over to witness the truth.

7. The Light of Christ born to the world,
At every Christmas Tide,
Is the Light of Nations ‘Light from Light’
That leads all mankind to God.

8. The Light that shone for us in the darkness
Two Thousand years ago;
Is the Light that enlightens every man,
His misery to overcome.

9. The Light of Christ, ‘Light from Light,’
No darkness can overcome;
As we pay Him homage by His crib,
God help all Nations to embrace,
The Light of Christ,
This Gracious Christmas Tide.