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A Genuine “Garbage” problem

April 28, 2017

The first thing the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka had to face for the New Year and Easter was a big ‘garbage ‘ problem that destroyed many lives. No wonder! the ‘housekeepers’ of the Catholic church in Sri Lanka are made up of bundles of garbage, that destroy the souls of the People of God. The problem was a pointer in the right direction, a clean-up of the priesthood. A genuine and an enlightened priesthood is a rarity to find in Sri Lanka at present.

But in another part of the world, on Easter morn a priest carrying the Eucharist for the sick and on the way to celebrate three Masses escaped death from a train accident. His car got trapped at the railway crossing. He saw the train speeding up. Fortunately he jumped out the car and escaped death. His car was reduced to shambles, but the front locker that carried the pouch containing the sacred hosts remained untouched. The priest still shivering and amazed, praised and thanked the God of Gods in the Eucharist.

God Speaks in ‘Signs’ and ‘Wonders.’

There is nothing ‘Sacred’ about many of the Catholic churches in Sri Lanka. They walk in the ‘tube light,’ or ‘energy savers’. The God from God; Light from Light; True God from True God; Begotten and not (hand) made are forgotten. So ‘Christ Crucified’ is being dished out like ‘string-hoppers for breakfast’ every morning, to the simple and unassuming faithful in these String-hopper factories according to the whims and fantasies of the priesthood. In many the ‘Risen Lord’ is not given a ‘Chance’ to enter into the lives of God’s people, that they may overcome the vicissitudes of daily life.

Christ is made nothing different to a Hindu or Buddhist temple god. What is the difference? The priest himself doesn’t know or doesn’t want to know I guess. His only concern to disregard all traditions of the church, preserved so very judiciously, only in the Catholic church down the ages.

If we wish to treat these incidents seriously, it is extremely important that the catholic church in Sri Lanka do some genuine soul-searching.

‘You cannot serve both God and mammon,’ sys the Lord. Are the authorities only interested in running the ‘rat race’ of the celebrity culture, pursuing materialistic goals? Or are they like the Magi, who led by a star, led the gentile nations to feet of Christ, and recognize Him as the Light of the Nations?. lead the people of God, evangelizing them animated by the ‘Light’ of the most Holy Spirit, in the direction of the Risen Christ.

To do this a revamping, streamlining and a re-organization of the priesthood is absolutely essential. They need to take another look at their pastoral goals. To scrutinize within, to whom they owe their allegiance to,  in their scale of priorities, the Prime Minister of the Country, the President or Christ the Master?. In doing so help the laity to recognize the Christ of the Easter morn, in their daily lives.