Can peace originate and multiply  in a vacuum? No. “Man is either a beast or a god, if he does not live in need of society,” said Socrates the great philosopher. Peace does not simply come about by ending a war or one party, winning an election. Building a “culture of peace,” is an ongoing task  sustained with great effort and facilitated by several ingredients making the process easy and possible.

Without elaborating or going too far let us simply break down the word “peace,” into its component letters. You have “p,” as in people; “e,” as in enjoy: “a,” as in the article a; “c,” as in choice: and “e,” as in end; – People Enjoying a Choice Ending. This would indeed amount to a choice peace of cake, with all its delicious ingredients, which the child in us all would gladly enjoy. It’s like a story with a happy ending.

Like any delicious cake that mother turns out in her kitchen, what ingredients would go to make the “peace cake,”? Unity, Cooperation, Responsibility, Generosity, Forgiveness, Flexibility and much more…. Activities, Exercises, Songs, Poems, Stories, Inspirationals, introduced to children from a very young age, would go a long way to help them get involved in the peace building process, get a taste of the peace cake they will be partners in building up a promising future.

Please look forward to posts on this blog for activities, exercises, formulas, stories and others…. that will be posted from time to time on the subject of Peace Building.

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