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Mr. Peace is visiting his friends in the New Year!

January 19, 2012

    Mr. Peace is visiting his friends in the New Year! Look what he is wearing. A Fun Peace Activity……!

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Build World Peace With Formulas and Secret Codes!

September 14, 2011

      There is Promise! There is Hope! There is Victory! World Peace Day Activity  September 21st

      Mr. Peace is going round the world distributing Peace formulas in secret codes Try them and you would have accomplished a great job for the Day! 

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A Choice: Peace or War!

July 20, 2011

A Choice: Peace or War!.

Read the Story! Substitute any weapon for the Sword Seller.

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A Choice: Peace or War!

July 19, 2011

      Read The Story and Do the Activity Mr. Peace brings you this Summer! 

       TWO ROADS – (Adapted from A Zen Tale)   Once there was a warrior who was very clever at making swords. Not only did he make swords, he also preached about it as the best of all weapons that would help one to get to heaven.

One day on his way to the market to sell his swords, the man met an acolyte from a nearby temple. The sword seller was crying, :Swords! Swords! My swords are the sure way to get to heaven.

The acolyte stopped and listened, for he was curious about what the man was saying. “Excuse me warrior,” said the acolyte in wonder. “What is this you are saying?”

The warrior repeated his advertisement.

“But my teacher told me yesterday just the opposite of what you are talking about; for he knows all about heaven and has been there several times.”

“But he forgot to tell you one thing,” said the man.

“And what is that?” asked the boy, getting closer and curious to have a look at the warrior’s bundle of weapons.

“He forgot to tell you that the gates of heaven are strictly fenced with barbed wire. You can only cut them with the sharpest of swords, of which I am well informed. So you must carry a sword always, for you can never know when you will be called to go to heaven.”

Avidly the boy said, Okay, I’d like to buy one. But first let me go and inform my teacher about it, and tell him he forgot to teach me about the one thing, that is sure to help me get there. I’ll see you tomorrow right here,” said the boy and quickly went to see his master.

The master noticing the anxiety and frustration in the boy’s face, asked, “What is troubling you my boy? Is there anything you want to tell me?”

“Master, you forgot to tell me about something that is very important to get to heaven,” the boy answered quickly.

Calm and undisturbed the master queried, “What about it?”

“I met a man who was selling the best weapon to cut the wretched barbed wire blocking the way to get there.”

‘Who is the man? Can you show him to me?” inquired the master.

The next day the acolyte requested the sword seller to meet his teacher, at an appointed place to show the weapon to him. The man hesitated: then, putting all his swords in a satchet and throwing the bag over his shoulder, the man went accompanied by the boy to meet the master.

Confronting the sword seller, “Who are you?” asked the master..

“I am a warrior, I make swords and sell them in the market for people who want to get to heaven.”

“Excuse me warrior, but there are no barricades there and certainly no fences of any kind. You made it up to sell your swords to gullible folk, didn’t you? You look a beggar. You need to put on some new clothes,” remarked the teacher very politely. At this the warrior got angry and drew one of his swords to strike the master.

“I am sorry warrior, I think your sword may not be good enough to cut me down, but it might be sharp enough to get you to hell.” The master chided him gently.

At this the warrior quickly withdrew his sword and bowed his head to the teacher and went away and was never again seen selling swords in the market.PEACE Building ACTIVITY 3 (more…)

Here Comes Mr. Peace!

May 13, 2011

An Activity to promote a child’s Self esteem and Self worth! Peace Activities 1