My name is Chandrani Warnasuriya  shortened to (Chani) so you can call me Chani. I am a Children’s Book Author and specialized in child education as well as children’s literature.

I come from a family of teachers and  associated with children for over thirty years as a teacher both in Sri Lanka and California. My love for children and my experiences in my home country Sri Lanka, torn by war and terrorism for over thirty years, prompted by ethnic and religious division and its adverse impact on children, made me long for peace ; make others cherish peace and work towards promoting peace not only in my country but round the world.

In my view children are the grass-roots level with which to begin the work for peace. Children’s minds at a very young age are like sponges. They absorb the ideas and attitudes that are the necesary ingredients for the process of peace building. In my blog posts I propose to post peace building exercises, activities, inspirationals, songs, poems and stories and many others to help children both individually and in groups in classrooms to get involved in the peace building process from a young age so that our dreams for a peaceful world will not be difficult to achieve

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  1. Ruth Belt Says:

    Dear miss Warnasuriya.
    Please let me introduce myself to you. I’m a 5th year student of the school of education Inholland in Rotterdam and I’m working at my last exam. My item is about: how can yough children read with pleasure?
    It is a very difficult item but it is very important. A friend of me in Sri Lanka has sent me a site about de presentaion of your book: Favorite Folktales of Sri Lanka. Thats why I know about you. I understand you are a childrens book writer and so I want to ask you something and I realy hope you can help me:What are the schools in Sri Lanka doing to let the children read with pleasure, are there bnooks in the classroom, are the children going to a libary. In Holland most of the children like to read and buy books. We also have special program’s for school to let the children read.
    I hope you will understand my quaetion and I hope you will give me a answer. I hope to graduate april 28 so it would be very nice if you can help me.

    Warm regards, Ruth Belt, Barendrecht, Holland


    • chandrani86 Says:

      Dear Ruth,

      I am delighted to hear from you.Yes, I am a children’s book author and my hobby is re-telling folktales (besides my own stories) for children round the world. Your English is very good. Is English the main language in schools in Holland?

      To answer your question over 90% of children in Sri Lanka have an education. Primary school enrollment in 2008 was 98% and literacy rates among youth were over 97%. These figures are among the highest in South Asia, giving Sri Lanka a lead in learning and education among countries in the region.

      The medium of instruction in schools is Sinhalese and Tamil, with English as a second language. Sri lankans place a high premium on education and value education. Children study and read a lot to excel in their curriculum courses. For this they generally rely on school and public libraries as many children cannot afford to buy books. The government has stepped in to distribute relevant Text books free. Book stores are found in all of the main cities and are full of both fiction and nonfiction books.

      Sri Lankan children generally love reading books. It is a ‘must’ at encouraged by parents and “pirivena,” schools conducted by buddhist clergy, with a minimum of TV.

      Reading programs are not mandatory in schools, but many children participate in competitions, contests and events organized locally and islandwide in Sinhalese Tamil and English. I hope I have provided sufficient information, to make a long write-up short. If you need further assistance kindly Email me, I shall be glad to assist you


  2. I agree totally that children are where we need to begin our real peace work. Your experiences make you an especially strong voice for peace. I’ll look forward to your peace-building exercises, activities, songs, etc. I’m sure there are many teachers and parents who will find them very useful. I’ve bookmarked your blog!


  3. I am very happy for the great work you are doing to transform lives of Children.

    Am Paul Lengar Founder/Programme Coordinator Inter Secondary Schools Leadership Council (ISSL Council) Sierra Leone.

    Am also a Youth Ambassador for Peace and a member with Teachers Without Borders (TWB) user Name Paul2.
    I will love to promote your work in Sierra Leone.
    Let’s work in the interest of our Children
    Thank You.

    My blog account is http://paullengar2011oer.wordpress.com
    Email: isslcouncil2@gmail.com.


    • chandrani86 Says:

      Dear paullengar,

      Happy to get back with you. Thank you for your assurances of help promote my work on Peace Education. may latest book, “Peace Tales from Asia.. Building a Culture of Peace,” was released a couple of weeks back. Visit my Blog/Books or my Website http://www.funchildsbooks.com for more information. I hace posted some ‘Peace Activities’ hope to keep up with further posts. Have a great Summer! Chani W.


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