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War and Peace – The Refugee Crisis (1)

November 6, 2015

Promote Peace As some observers have noted, the present world crisis of refugees fleeing from one part of the world to another is the greatest of tragedies witnessed since World War II. Ascertaining the motivation is complex, but the most evident is the fact that migrants and refugees are fleeing war and persecution in countries of the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Heart rending and shocking are the photographs and pictures made available through media, TV, Internet and other communication devices. Call yourself a robot or a beast if you are not visibly moved at the sight of these. In terms of statistics more than 2,370 people have died while jumping on trains crossing the Eurotunnel to reach the United Kingdom. More than 70 refugees were found dead in a parked truck in Eastern Austria and one Austrian official called it a ‘dark day,’

While bordering countries of these war=ridden, poverty-stricken countries have offered to help granting asylum to refugees; figures of those seeking asylum are fast reaching out of proportion. This has caused some of these countries to forcibly close their doors to these helpless victims, as anti-immigrant sentiments keep rising high.

Come to think of it! The tragedy seems to be getting worse with world leaders interested only in helping curb rebels, sending arms and ammunition, with no peace agreements signed or resolutions made to end the conflict and resolve the crisis, and thus sadly there seems to be no end to war, resulting with no peace in sight in the trouble ridden countries.

One thing however seems certain’ unless some kind of settlement is reached in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, there will be no end to the refugee crisis; a dreadful evil, which will have its far reaching consequences, social, economic, political and environmental, bound to threaten the very existence of human beings and nation states round the world.

Religion seems to be in the forefront of the debate. Religious chauvinism, be they radicals, fundamentalists, jihadists, extremists, fanatics….You name it! seem to be manipulating religion to their own advantage, to justify war and terrorism. Read More War and Peace (more…)