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Sowing Seeds of Peace in a Troubled World!

July 26, 2015

Blest are the Peace Makers

                          They Shall be called the Children of God

Peace! Peace! Peace!

What pleasant feelings. What beautiful sentiments,

What serene and wholesome thoughts within…..

These words evoke!

Reams and reams of paper, millions and millions of words,

Thousands and thousands of books, have been written and peace proposals expressed

As to ways and means of bringing about peace,

Finding peaceful solutions, to this problem filled and war-torn world.

God indeed does assure us, that they will be blessed,

Who strive for peace and work for peace; look to peaceful means to solve problems and conflicts

Rather than resort to war and terrorism.

Let peace first reign in our own hearts, for nothing can spring from what it is not,

Let God be the peaceful Vine growing within us

We the branches spreading His peace everywhere,

In the world around us.

may God bless those peace-makers, make fruitful their efforts for peace in the world,

May your kingdom come within our hearts Lord,

And overcome the reign of darkness, of the devil and his cohorts;

That the reign of peace may return to earth,

And to our hearts….