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Earth Day Musings – April 22nd

April 21, 2015

Planet EarthPlanet Earth! – Me I am like a glowing ball,
Out in space in a family of Planets;
I spin my way round the sun,
Proud to be the only ground,
Where living things of all kinds
Can survive a life-long.

Wrapped around me is a blanket soft,
Of a stuff that is called air;
And underneath the rocky ground,
Molten lava fluid hot.
In between is blessed land,
While waters cover the sea,
Where nature has lavished in beauty unbound,
A wealth of goodness for mankind.

Earth – I am very special,
And made to be so,
For our Creator so loves the world,
That he takes good care of it, for humans to live,
As it please him.

So be thankful human beings, for whatever you are blessed with,
For among the countless stars, beaming upon the Milky Way
And beyond. We have got THE BEST!

Human beings living in me, are sometimes careless.
Unaware of the dangers, that could cause them to perish.
Beware of greenhouse gases, and global warming….
Do be considerate, and save yourselves,
And Me – beautiful planet earth from perishing!