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The Five Magic Words

March 24, 2015

The other day I was talking over my Home phone to Customer Service, about a Typing error as to my Address label, in the mailing as it was typed wrong.  It was DIALOG a well know Firm, dealing with Smart Phones in Sri Lanka. The lady recognized the error, but said nothing about it. Obviously she did not know or had forgotten the word “sorry” for it was nowhere in the language of the Smart Phone.

Living in a secular world of “fast life,” where Tech devices seem to be a “must” in everybody’s pocket, what happened to those Magic Words we started our day in the real world, meeting friends and family, people at work, employers, employees, elders and so on personally? Building happy relationships with them instilled a kind of peace and harmony within, which is not the same as socializing with these over a smart phone. This feature is not unique to one particular Institution, organization or persons. It is rampant in the fabric of a virtual world we are getting increasingly accustomed to.

Let us pause to remind ourselves of those five magic words, that could make our day a delightful one.


Five little words so magic, five little words so sweet.

Can make the world so happy, and hearts warm and cheerful.

The first little word is please; Pressed upon the lips with ease.

The next little word is thank you. It makes you feel so good.

The next little word is welcome. You’ve spelt out a great charm.

Next little word is sorry, what a beautiful word in your vocabulary.

Nest little word is excuse me; You’ve accomplished a magic exceedingly beautiful.