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August – Delight in the Sunshine of a Smile!

August 3, 2012

  August Brings along  a National Smile Month/Week. Everybody loves to be greeted with smile, anywhere at any time. Did you know that a smile has the power of magic? It can drive away  fears, bring comfort,wipe away ters and bring about joy and happiness; inspire love, touch a hardness of heart and soften it and more….

August also carries a week of being kind to human beings, that is being kind to one another. The power of kindness is also magical. It can drive away enmity, overcome separation caused by selfishness, jealousy, hatred and so on and bring people closer together and more.

August is also a month to celebrate multiculture. By participating in the many cultural festivals we can get to know people of different Faiths and come to know about their beliefs and what they hold to be sacred!.. Read More (more…)