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March 17th – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2012

     March 17th is celebrated by Irish communities round the world as the Feast day of St. Patrick the great patron saint of Ireland. It is also a day to celebrate Irish culture.

 often associated with the celebrations is the Lepechaun a little old man with a beard and a hat appearing in Irish Folklore. A kind of magical fairy who guards a buried treasure usually a pot of guineas. Vulnerable to direct attention by humans if anybody sights a Leprechaun, he better keep his eyes fixed on him, lest he escapes. Here’s a beautiful Irish story about a Leprechaun…. Read More….The field of Bolianus (more…)

March – Celebrating Spring and a Time for Recollection…..

March 6, 2012

      March is the third month of the year. It was the first month of the ancient Roman calendar. The month of March brings a special gift to the world as well as nature. march brings us Spring, a sign of new birth, and many festivals in cultures celebrating harest. The cold frozen ground bleak and bereft of vegetation and long and dark nights gives way to the golden sun that begins to rise early, spreading its broad rays of daylight on all nature. Nature blossoms in varied colors of rich harvests and spring blossoms. Spring festivals bring joy and peace to men, after days of reflection, penance and repentance..  READ REFLECTIONS ON PEACE FROM The WORLD FAITHS and More…March- Celebrating Spring and a Time for Recollection (more…)