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February – A Month to Celebrate Love, Caring,Sharing and More…

February 1, 2012

   The human heart is the center of everything associated with the sentiments and emotions of love, just as our stomach is associted with our food cravings. The   month of February has been set apart by the American Heart Association to draw peoples attention to the importance of having a healthy heart. Today it has all become a Valentine’s month. Shops are full of decorations with Valentine gifts and cards. In days gone by in America festivities and celebrations associated with Valentine’s Day came next only to Christmas.

     What has the human heart got to do with the Valentine heart? If we take a good look at the human heart, it is not shaped like a valentine heart, perfect in its contour. It looks like a small piece is missing from its side. This symbolic of the fact that all of it does not belong to us. A part of it has to do with our neighbor, with sharing and caring for others. As the repository of love, our heart gains its fullnes only by loving others. This makes our hearts a perfect Valentine!

   All founders of the different belief systems of the world, Jesus, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi (not a founder but a great exponent of Hinduism) Laotze, Confucius and others, have stressed the need to love others that we may gain fullness of love and peace in our own lives.  Read More… (more…)