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September 21st World Peace Day! Let there Be Peace On Earth!

September 20, 2011

                                                                                            LET  THERE  BE PEACE  ON  EARTH!

                1. Let us all hold hands together, and greet each other,

                     Peace be with you!….Peace be with me!…..And all whom I hold dear!….

                     What color, creed or race it does not matter,

                     Let’s feel we are all One, under a glowing sun,   Read More….Let There Be Peace on Earth! (more…)

Build World Peace With Formulas and Secret Codes!

September 14, 2011

      There is Promise! There is Hope! There is Victory! World Peace Day Activity  September 21st

      Mr. Peace is going round the world distributing Peace formulas in secret codes Try them and you would have accomplished a great job for the Day! 

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September – A Month to Celebrate World Peace!

September 4, 2011

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    September is the ninth month of the year. In the old Roman Calendar it was the seventh month. September is derived from Latin “septem” meaning seven. it has 30 days.

  MONTH – National Libray Card MonthActivity – Make sure to visit your local library and sign up for a library card. Once you get your library card, visit the libray as often as you can and develop the habit of reading. Remeber! Good reading helps good character building.

National Courtesy MonthActivity  Find out the meaning of the word  “Courtesy.” Make a list of ways students can express courtesy 2. Make a Courtesy Certificate. At the end of each week teacher can give certificates to students who were courteous. 3. At the end of the month take a vote to see if courtesy has improved in the month. Then continue being courteous and observing good manners. remember developing charachter leads to becoming a good Peace Maker!

National Honey Month – Think of ways you can celebrate honey!  Activity 1. Invite a Beekeeper and let him talk about the hobby and equipment needed for it. 2 Find out where honey comes from 3. Draw pictures of a honeybee.

National Rice Month – Rice is the world’s most important food crop. The staple food of Asian countries. Activity – talk about the varieties of rice. 2.Find out how to cook rice. 3. make a list of Rice Products.

WEEK  -1st Week National=Do=It-Yourself Week   Read More…..SEPTEMBER – NEWS and EVENTS (more…)